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If you do not have a Will you are potentially exposing your loved ones to many problems which may lead to costly and time consuming legal disputes. Without a will you have no say on how your assets are distributed on your death instead the Intestacy Rules determine who inherits your estate.This could lead to unknown (or unliked!) relatives inheriting your estate. Ultimately, the Crown will take an estate where no living relatives can be found.

A will can also limit your estate’s exposure to Inheritance Tax.

It is important to keep your will updated and review it as and when your circumstances and/or legislation changes. If you are unsure about the terms of your Will or would like to review it in light of changes in your circumstances we are happy to carry out a free twenty minute will review meeting.

We advise individuals on all aspects of Will drafting and issues affecting Wills including:

  • Wills for high net worth and high-profile individuals
  • drafting Wills in difficult family circumstances
  • estate planning
  • Wills for the elderly
  • statutory Wills
  • tax efficient Wills and use of the nil rate band
  • Wills and marriage or civil partnership
  • Wills leaving specific legacies to pilot trusts
  • the effect of recent changes to Inheritance Tax on Will drafting

You may find our will questionnaire useful to complete before making your initial enquiry.