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Student Tenancy Information Sheet


If you, or your children, are moving away from home for the first time to go to University or college, they may need to rent somewhere to live.

Tenancy Agreements can be difficult to understand and create significant liabilities.

Below is a summary of some of the key questions which should be considered before entering into a Tenancy Agreement.

  1. Type of contract/term

The Tenancy Agreement is likely to be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy so that the Landlord can recover possession as a right at the end of the term.

The Tenancy Agreement may, however, be a: –

  • joint tenancy – where the tenants are responsible not only their own obligations but those of their fellow tenants; or a
  • sole tenancy- where each tenant will have individual responsibility.

What is the term of the tenancy?

  1. Guarantor

Student Tenancy Agreements routinely ask for parental guarantees. It is important that any guarantor understands what s/he is guaranteeing. It is not uncommon for Landlords to seek to draw the guarantees so widely that they cover all Tenants within the property!

  1. Deposit

A deposit is routinely required. Clearly, it is important to consider in what circumstances the Landlord may retain some or all of the deposit and how it can be recovered.

  1. Inventory

It is important to understand what your Landlord will supply and in what condition.

It is advisable to take videos and photographs of the property and contents when moved in so that it can provide a record of the condition when the tenancy terminates. The inventory should also be checked carefully.

  1. The small print – who is responsible for what?

The terms of the Tenancy Agreement will give rise to various obligations. It is important that they are understood, for example, who is responsible for insurance/ TV licenses? Like most things, the devil is in the detail.

A review

We are normally happy to undertake a review and advise on a student Tenancy Agreement for a fixed fee of £200 plus VAT.

Please contact Michael Creamore for more information.

Michael Creamore


020 8879 4417